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About MHLC

About MHLC

About Us

The Mental Health Legal Centre (MHLC), established in 1987, provides a free and confidential legal service to people with a lived experience of mental illness or involvement with the mental health system.

Our multidisciplinary team (law, social work and financial counselling) provide a range of innovative services in the community, in treatment facilities and in prisons. We work in partnership with other agencies to provide integrated services that address the needs of some of the most marginalised members of our community.

Our Vision

Our Vision for the Community

We are working towards a socially just and inclusive community that understands and supports people with mental health issues, respects their rights and by doing so improves overall quality of life.

Our Vision for MHLC

We deliver justice for people with mental health issues.

Our Purpose

We provide access to justice for Victorians experiencing mental health issues through our multi-disciplinary legal service, research and advocacy work.

We provide expert legal advice, representation and other services to Victorians experiencing mental health issues.

We educate and inform staff, students, volunteers, partners and the broader community about mental health issues.

We provide unique professional development opportunities for students, volunteers, organisational partners and staff.

We develop and share our innovative practice knowledge around delivery of legal and social supports for people experiencing mental health issues.

We advocate for reform to improve social justice.

Our Values


Our clients will be listened to and treated with dignity, compassion, empathy and respect.


We encourage and develop sustainable partnerships aimed at meeting the needs of our clients.

Service Excellence

We provide confidential high quality holistic and responsive services. We develop and share best practice.

Accountability and Integrity

We monitor and evaluate the quality of impact of our services. We act ethically and responsibly.

Empowerment and Advocacy

We work fearlessly on behalf of and alongside our clients to protect their human rights and increase community awareness about the challenges they face.


Our staff, volunteers and Board are committed to making a difference and creating positive change. We work as a team, respect each other’s backgrounds, skills and contribution, support and live our shared values, communicate openly and celebrate milestones and achievements.

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