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About MHLC

About MHLC

About Us

The Mental Health Legal Centre (MHLC), established in 1987, provides free and confidential legal services for Victorians experiencing mental health issues in the community, in treatment facilities, and in prisons through our multi‑disciplinary legal service, education, research and advocacy work.

  • We work in partnership with other agencies to provide integrated services that address the needs of some of the most marginalised members of our community.
  • We educate and inform consumers, partners, other professionals and the broader community about mental health issues.
  • We provide unique professional development opportunities for lawyers, students, volunteers, organisational partners and other professionals.
  • We develop and share our innovative practice knowledge around delivery of legal and social supports for people experiencing mental health issues.
  • We advocate for reform to improve social justice.

You are not invisible to us

Video: Charlotte Jones, CEO of the Mental Health Legal Centre, in conversation with Igniting Change

Our Mission

Mental Health: Rights, Choice, Agency

Our Vision for Society in Victoria
A society that recognises that access to legal representation is integral in meeting the mental health needs of the Victorian community.

Our Vision for MHLC
A sustainable, specialist mental health centre that is recognised for its capacity to respond effectively to the needs of the Victorian community.

Our Values


Helping clients and consumers understand they have a choice over what they do.


We understand the need to feel connected and belongingness with others both on an individual consumer and client basis and our other stakeholders.


We empathise and seek to understand our consumers and clients’ situation and deliver person centred communication and advice with sensitivity and compassion.


Because of our experience within a mental health and legal framework we are recognised as having expertise in the services that we deliver. Always taking into account the knowledge of those who have lived experience.

Fearless advocacy

We are fearless advocates to achieve our mission and vision for consumers and clients.

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