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General Legal Advice

About General Legal Advice

MHLC offers free legal advice over the phone on a range of matters to mental health consumers.

Please call (03) 9629 4422 to speak to a member of our intake team. Our telephone line is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm. 

The intake worker will take down brief details of your matter. This will then be passed onto the legal team and a lawyer will call you back to provide advice.

Please note that advice is only available to Victorian mental health consumers for their own matters. We accept initial referrals from third parties but legal advice will be provided to the client.

What we can assist with

If you require assistance with any of the following matters we may be able to assist you by providing legal advice and, in some instances advocacy and casework.

  • Your rights as an involuntary patient in hospital or in the community under the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act (2022), or as a voluntary patient at risk of being placed on a compulsory treatment order
  • Restrictive interventions such as electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) and restraint and seclusion
  • Mental Health Tribunal hearings
  • Complaints about the mental health system, involuntary detention and treatment under the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act (2022)
  • Complaints about health providers or other complaints relating to your mental illness
  • Human rights and discrimination relating to mental illness
  • Complaints about police or protective services officers
  • Infringements / fines – where your mental illness contributed to the alleged offence
  • Freedom of information, eg. accessing and correcting information on your clinical file
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Guardianship and administration orders
  • Powers of attorney and advance directives
  • Debt
  • Victims of Crime Compensation (VOCAT)
  • Tenancy matters

What we can’t assist with

We are unable to provide legal advice or advocacy on the following issues, however we will endeavour to ensure you are provided with an appropriate referral:

  • Business/ commercial disputes
  • Wills and Estates
  • Family Violence and Personal Safety Intervention Orders
  • Family Law
  • Migration Law
  • Criminal Law

Still have more questions?

Feel free to send us a message via email to or phone us on (03) 9629 4422 if you have more questions.

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