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The MHLC and Bolton Clarke’s Homeless Person Project has been very successful in working together to deliver an effective, responsive and high quality Health Justice Project (‘HJP‘). This HJP provides increased access to justice and improved outcomes for a vulnerable cohort of Victorians with multiple and complex needs.

The MHLC has established a collaborative and effective project addressing the unmet legal needs of Bolton Clarke’s Homeless Persons’ Program. These clients are at risk of or experience homelessness, particularly those experiencing social isolation. Developed through inter-agency co-design and consumer driven service model development, this project has been successfully achieving its core objective including improved access to legal assistance, earlier points of resolution and a cross-discipline skills exchange.

This HJP is an innovative and collaborative way of harnessing established and trusted specialist community services. It has created systemic efficiencies, reduced service fatigue for individuals being endlessly referred and produced tangible positive client legal and social justice outcomes. Utilising the knowledge and expertise of both health and legal services has increased the capacity of skilled practitioners to identify opportunities to enhance service impacts and minimise the negative health and social impacts of this unmet and escalating legal need.

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