About Inside Access

Project aims:

  • To increase access to legal advice and representation via outreach legal clinics.
  • To deliver specialist legal education sessions within prisons and forensic hospitals.
  • To continue to gather evidence based information on systemic concerns and capacity to build the program.

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Project Summary

Inside Access is a legal service of the Mental Health Legal Centre which provides free civil legal services and other support services to people with cognitive impairment and mental health issues in correctional and forensic facilities in Victoria. Inside Access seeks to contribute to an improved justice system for people with a mental illness by delivering legal assistance whilst our clients are incarcerated.  Our service aims to ease our clients’ transition into the community upon release.

Inside Access provides legal assistance and advocacy to imprisoned people in the following areas:


At present, Inside Access attends the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (DPFC) every Thursday morning from 9:30am  ab to 12:00pm. The clinic is held in interview rooms in the DPFC Programs Building.

If you or someone you know is currently incarcerated at the DPFC and would like to book an appointment with us, referral forms are available at reception in the programs building. Those not at the DPFC can call our day service line.

Inside Access also provides a community legal education program at DPFC. The education program aims to provide education to prisoners with a mental illness to help them better understand and exercise their rights. Inside Access constantly strives to provide relevant information to prisoners regarding:


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Still have more questions?

Feel free to send us a message via email or phone us on 9629 4422 if you have more questions.

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